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Technical Climbing School

The Technical Climbing School (TCS) offers 17 classes meant to prepare the student for negotiating technical rock, snow, ice, and alpine.

Where to start? In a nutshell, start with Basic Climbing. Basic Climbing is the prerequisite for all the Rock, Snow, and Ice climbing classes (but you don't need Basic Climbing for the Navigation classes). We recommend this class even for experienced climbers because we cover more than very basic climbing. Look for 'Basic Climbing' in the CMC Calendar to find dates and to register.

Where to go after Basic Climbing? See the About page for suggestions.

What about Basic Mountaineering? In a nutshell, Basic Mountaineering consists of six classes from TCS: 2 Navigation, 2 Rock, and 2 Snow classes. You can take these classes any time they are offered if you choose the modular path, or you can take them as a package with fixed dates if you choose the traditional path.
Look for individual classes in the CMC Calendar to find dates and to register for modules.
Look for 'Basic Mountaineering' in the March CMC Calendar to find dates and to register for traditional.

For a more detailed overview see the About and Curriculum pages on this site. For more detail on each class follow the links below.

To see more detail on what each class has to offer, follow the links for each class below. To register for classes, search for the class in the CMC Calendar filtered for classes. The listing in the CMC Calendar also gives all dates for lectures and field days for each class.

Tech School Sites

Basic Mountaineering

Basic Aid Climbing
Basic Climbing
Basic Ice Climbing
Basic Snow
Intermediate Rock Climbing
Navigation Level One
Navigation Level Two
Navigation Level Three
Rock Self Rescue Level One
Rock Self Rescue Level Two
Rock Self Rescue Level Three
Rock Seconding
Sport Climbing
Technical Ice Climbing
Technical Snow
Traditional Lead Climbing

Technical Instructors
Technical Trip Leaders

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