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Although a C Hiker classification is not required to take any of the Tech School classes, a C Hiker classification is required before the student goes on the graduation Couloir climb (to complete the Technical Snow class) and the graduation High Peak climb (to complete the requirements for the Basic Mountaineering certificate).

To obtain a C Hiker classification, members must complete Wilderness Trekking School or Backpacking School and two C Hikes, one of which must be a Difficult C. C Hikes are rare during the winter so prospective students are encouraged to complete those C Hikes early.

Note that the C Hiker classification is required before the hikes. The C is not required before the classes. So it is possible to take both WTS and Tech School classes at the same time if the calendar allows.

If you think you already possess the skills taught in WTS, contact John Lindner to inquire about a waiver.

Prospective students are encouraged to purchase Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8ed. Reading assignments will be made for this text.